Accessibility At Home is a locally owned and operated company providing residential and commercial accessibility products and services to families in southwest Florida.

With over 40 years of home medical equipment experience finding the right solution based on your functional needs and home structural configuration we will:

  • Make the challenges of getting older easier
  • Allow you to stay in the home you love
  • Improve your independence

We are proud of our well-established relationship with in-state providers. Merits healthcare has been a cornerstone in the industry for 30+ years. Operating here in North Fort Myers you can assure the quality products and services you need. Handicare (Orlando) boasts 130 years of industry experience. Both companies offer quality but different options depending on our customer needs.

Rick Headley - Owner & Operator

Customer Reviews

Linda Dorso, (Bonita Springs) didn’t want to leave the home she lived for 22 years, but the steps to her second-story convo in Pelican Landing were very steep, making it difficult for her to lug anything up and down those steps.  As a result, what Dorso did instead was start researching stair lifts. For a while, Dorso didn’t think it was possible as her staircase is quite narrow and the first companies that she contacted said it was impossible to create a rail that would be thin enough against a wall.  I was referred to Accessibility at Home, Rick came over and looked and said: “I can do it.” I could not have done it if I had not found Rick.” After Hurricane Irma, we lost but the backup battery got us through. I didn’t think it had that power, but it was amazing.

Dotty Brown, (Estero, Florida) of Estero got her first lift from Accessibility at Home in 2011 when her husband was ill. Now Dotty uses the lift to bring heavy groceries upstairs. After Irma, her lift ws damaged but working with Rick from Accessibility at Home, she was able to have her insurance replace it.  “That was extremely unusual, as insurance normally refuses to pay for lifts, but Dotty is a persistent and persuasive person,” said Headley.

Sam Licavoli, (Bonita Springs) just had a stair lift installed for his sister-in-law. “There are 20 stairs in the condo and they are straight up and down: so if you ever take a tumble they are a long way down.” “The actual installation was done in one day,” he described. “From when I talked to Rick to the time he installed it was a week, which I thought was pretty damn good.” I got a lot fo quotes and nobody was close to him.  “He kept his word when he said he would be there and he was there…” I was impressed with how quickly the ligt was installed and how easily the process went.

Roy & Kathy O. (Lehigh Acres, Florida), Recently we moved from Virginia to Fort Myers and bought a home which requires a stair lift. After the interview and receiving quotes from three vendors we selected Accessibility at Home despite them not having the lowest price. The sales rep was more knowledgeable which allowed him to properly assess our physical requirements and select the right product. Finally having local service and the ability to have our lift installed within seven days made our choice easy. Thank you for the prompt and efficient service.