Handicare Freecurve

A curved stairlift from Handicare is not only convenient but also looks great and fits almost any home with its variety of available seats and rail colors. Top quality in all respects, a Handicare stairlift will be a convenient and valuable asset. With over 130 years of manufacturing, this is your number 1 choice in a customized stairlift.

Customer Benefits

  • Available with powered and illuminating footrest. With this option, you can fold and unfold the footrest with a push of a button.
  • The LED light illuminates the footrest at night, making it safer for you.
  • The clever active seat option makes sitting down or standing up much easier.
  • For narrow stairway¬†or limited knee flexion, this option is the solution for you.
  • Automatic folding hinge avoids obstruction at the bottom of your stairs.

Technical Specifications

  • Due to the enormous customization of the Freecurve, specifications will be determined.

State of the Art Precision Measurement & Installation

Accessibility At Home has conquered one of the most challenging and painstaking portions of the construction of curved stair lifts. Accessibility At Home brings the latest in high-tech photogrammetry (measuring points in space) to Southwest Florida. AAH uses specially designed targets that are placed on the stairway, allowing accurate measurements to be taken and downloaded to our field computer. The benefit to our customers is that this new technology allows for us to ensure the accuracy of all measurements taken within the customers home, hastening delivery time and granting the peace of mind that the rail will be made to the exact specifications for a smoother, more comfortable ride.