Pilot Aviator

The Pilot Aviator has been designed with comfort and safety in mind. Boasting a 350 weight capacity and highly rated 9 AH batteries, the Aviator is well equipped to handle your needs. When not in use, folds to just 13” leaving spacious use for the staircase.

Customer Benefits

  • Designed with comfort and safety in mind
  • Boasting a 350 weight capacity.
  • Highly rated 9Ah batteries while competitors specify only 7Ah
  • When not in use folds up to just 13″
  • Choice of chair upholstery to fit your décor
  • Affordable and surpasses TV advertisers quality

  • Automatic folding hinge option available
  • NEW Sleep Program Mode which ensures batteries last 20 days without use

Technical Specifications

Front View (in) Aviator
External armrest width 22 to 26
Internal armrest width 16 to 20
Seat to footrest height 17 to 20
Food rest to the floor 4
Side View and Top View (in) Aviator
Seat depth 16.36
Wall to the inside of the seat 3.3
Wall to seat back 1.18
Folded width 13
Unfolded width 23
Swivel radius 24
Track Intrusion 7.88
Technical Specifications Aviator
Weight capacity 350 LBS
Minimum angle 25 degrees
Maximum angle 55 degrees
Speed 18-25 Ft/min
Driving means Rack & Pinion
Outlet requirement 100-240 VAC
Batteries 24 VDC


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