We understand the challenges a staircase can present and we are passionate about helping people maintain their freedom and independence in the home they love. The Pilot Aviator, for straight staircases, offers a great combination of style, safety, and comfort.


  • The universal design allows the lift to be installed on the left or right side of the stairs
  • Armrest width, seat height and toggle position are fully adjustable to meet the user’s needs
  • 2 position swivel seat for safe transfers on and off the lift


  • Extra long charging stations make charging the powerful 9Ah batteries easy
  • In the event of a power outage, OUR UNITS automatic
    sleep mode will preserve the batteries for up to 20 days!
  • Equipped with a battery test point, diagnostic display and easy access panels for fast, accurate services


  • 5 directional safety sensors
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Armrest position sensors
  • Seat position sensor
  • Over speed governor
  • Electro mechanical brake
  • Key switch


Florida’s inclimate weather and salt water our outside unit is completely weatherized

WE recommend 3 preventive maintenance service calls per year.

  • 2 lockable, wall mounted boxes for the remotes
  • A weatherproof charger box
  • Weather resistant cover to protect the unit when not in use

Technical Specifications

Weight capacity350 lbs (300 lbs with Hinge option)
Motor950W, 24VDC
Speed20-fpm~ 6M/min
Drive MethodRack & Pinion
Incline Limits°25-55
Charger115~230V AC, 50/60Hz
Battery24VDC re-chargeable batteries
Internal Arm Rest Width16" - 20"
Seat to Footplate Height17”-20"
Remote Controls2 infrared remotes included
Compliance StandardsASME A18.1/A17.5
Safety Sensors5 safety sensors as standard
Safety DevicesOvertravel prevention, motor brake,
key switch, retractable seat belt,
armrest and swivel seat safety switches, OSG
Warranty5 years on the motor gear box
2 years on components


  • Hinge
  • Extended Footplate (2”)
  • Extended Seat Post (2”)
  • Extended Stair Brackets (6”)
  • DC Charger Extension (8ft)

Available in 3 upholstery colors


Front viewInches
A - External armrest width22 to 26
B - Internal armrest width16 to 20
C - Seat to footrest height17 to 20
D - Footrest to floor4
Side view and top viewInches
E - Seat Depth16.36
F - Wall to inside of seat3.3
G - Wall to seat back1.18
H - Folded width 1 3
I - Unfolded width 23
J - Swivel radius24
Track intrusion 7.88

Please note, all dimensions that are measured from the wall are the minimum that can be achieved. Adjustments to these dimensions may be necessary to account for any constructions that are present.

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