Question When Buying A Stairlift

No, the ADA is very clear on this point; you can’t be denied access to your own home! One exception to this would be impeding your neighbor’s access to his/her home or if the lift interferes with potential medical care for others. Even in those situations, however, a Curved Stairlift will normally eliminate the problem.

Costs will vary depending on the type of stairlift required and your particular staircase. For example, stairlifts can be for in or outdoor use and staircases vary in height and can be either straight or curved. As a reference point, most straight stairlifts cost between $3,000 and $5,000, while curved units can be in the $10,500 – $13,000 range.
Yes! Stairlifts are extremely safe when installed by trained professionals and our manufacturers have also met the highest standards of quality and safety. SLSWF provides only trusted and reliable equipment. The key to home operating safety is taking extra care to train all the users, caregivers and other loved ones in the home. SLSWF is proud of our well established and proven training methods.
Unfortunately, not. Medicare classifies stairlifts in the same category as ramps and bathroom grab bars and does not reimburse for any of them.
A stairlift does not use much electricity, typically the same amount as a small television on standby mode. (Approximately 35kwh per year for a curved stairlift and 23kwh per year for a straight stairlift.)
A stairlift’s speed is quite slow. Stairlifts travel up to a maximum rated speed of only 0.34 mph. This ensures a safe, comfortable ride.

At Stairlifts of Southwest Florida, we have the smallest footprint on the market. We offer stairlifts which will fit almost every staircase.

Not at all. The stairlift rides on a rail system that attaches to your steps (not your wall.) SLSWL also has different color rails and chairs that blend into the décor of your home.
We can help with that. Other suppliers seem to focus only on the home’s physical lay-out. At SLSWF, we look at the user’s physical condition as well as their other needs, including the family situation and how the user plans to utilize the stairlift. Only after all these factors are considered will SLSWF make a recommendation designed to meet those goals. With 40 years of experience accessing the medical and emotional needs of home patients, we are confident of our ability to understand the personal and emotional needs of our users and their loved ones.


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